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Who Should Do Our Course ?

When looking at our courses, you are probably wondering who they are designed for ? conditions and disclaimer apply to the access and use of

The Certificate 1&2 Retail Customer Service courses are designed specifically for the following groups of people. Which one are you ?

1) Retail Companies

Our courses get behind the fundamentals of what great customer service means and how to go about it. Foundation training in generic retail skills will give your staff a thorough understanding of what it takes to be a great salesperson and how they can benefit not only the company they work for, but their own careers as well.

With the essential elements of working in retail covered by our course, your staff will be ready to
undertake any additional specific company training you have in place, and will have a better grasp on any
further elements your training may give them.

2) Internet Retailers

Out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind !

If you have an internet business, just because your staff don’t see their customers face to face, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need to give the same great customer service to your customers as they would in a conventional retail store.

Whilst covering the fundamentals of what working in retail is all about, our courses make reference to the explosion of internet retailers and the relatively new way of communicating with customers, servicing them on-line.

From the importance of well-written emails, professional phone manner and follow-up communication, our course will help your staff service your customers in an efficient, friendly and professional manner.

3) Retail Staff

If you are currently employed in retail and would like to improve your skills in customer service to better your career, our courses have the answer.

A “Bible” for anyone working in retail, whether full-time, part-time or casual, our courses will give you a comprehensive grounding in the fundamentals of a sales role in retail, and teach you how to build better relationships with your customers, give better customer service, and improve your prospects for advancement.

Specific modules on sales techniques and working in a team will help you understand your role in more detail. Topics such as personality differences and body language will give you a bit more insight into understanding people, with the course over-all demonstrating how to make important changes in the way you may approach your role at present, to reap more benefits for both you and the company that you work for.

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Who should do it?

The Certificate 1& 2 Retail Customer Service courses are designed specifically for the following groups of people.

Course Outlines

In an easy-to-read format, our courses take the student through a logical progression from the basic principles of customer service.