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Online Retail Training is a specialist e-learning company that has over the last twenty years collected best practices of excellent customer service and retail operations procedures. This has now been put into an online learning course wear for you to now learn from. Our content is original and unique. Our course serves distant learning from remote areas to many different countries around the world. The eLearning is to inspire beyond the daily job we all do and ensure you can use these in your everyday life. Working in retail can be very difficult due to dealing with different types of customer, we hope the learning here in our course will make your daily life easier as there are different tools available for you to use. Though our courses we have exercises and small assessment to ensure you are learning and understanding the content. Our content has been tested in many different environments and industries.
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Online Retail Training is the best business training partner that a retailer could have !

Who should do it?

The Certificate 1& 2 Retail Customer Service courses are designed specifically for the following groups of people.

Course Outlines

In an easy-to-read format, our courses take the student through a logical progression from the basic principles of customer service.