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Course Outline : On-Line Retail Training – Certificates 1 & 2
Most retailers have a dynamic and diverse mix of staff in their stores, but have a single, common need from all of them – exceptional customer service. ORT’s Certificates 1 & 2 in Retail Customer Service, are a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of why great customer service is so important, and how it can be achieved.

In an easy-to-read format, our courses take the student through a logical progression from the basic principles of customer service and working in a retail environment, to their role on the shop floor, where they will learn selling techniques, how to build a relationship with their customers and numerous ways that they can work towards future sales. Full-timers, part-timers, casuals, people returning to the workforce or those in their first role after leaving school or college will all benefit from the in-depth knowledge that our courses will give.

We take the student on a journey from what to expect in a retail environment; the importance of product knowledge; how to present themselves; behaviour and body language and how to set goals for the future, through to stepping onto the shop floor. They are taught how to ask open and closed questions; to listen to the customer; how to overcome objections and close the sale; complaints handling; store security; phone manner and competitive analysis, as well as successful sales techniques to use as tools. Even otherwise sensitive topics such as personal hygiene and body piercings are covered, to provide the student with full coverage of what constitutes great customer service and how it can benefit both the company that they work for and their own career.

Each certificate consists of ten separate modules, each with its own assessment. Each module is punctuated with table format and interactive exercises for the student to complete. The light-hearted approach using colourful cartoon illustrations ensues to hold the student’s interest and keep them focused. The courses are light-hearted in appearance, but not light-hearted in content.

Continuous mention is made to the importance of sales, not only for the immediate, but how to encourage future sales and repeat business. Advancements in technology too, are not forgotten, with an overview of point of sale equipment found in most retail outlets, together with reference to internet businesses and servicing customers on-line.

Designed to work in conjunction with live, on-the-job training, our courses will provide invaluable information to anyone working in a retail environment, whether they are just casual workers or plan to make it a long-term career. Particularly helpful as a refresher course, too, for those returning to the workforce, ORT’s Certificates 1 & 2 in Retail Customer Service will educate, enthuse and encourage a positive shift in current retail customer service and are a guaranteed good investment.


Sales Principles and Fundamental Concepts of Customer Service

Module 1 Self Development & Your Career

Module 2 Sales & Customer Service

Module 3 Product Knowledge

Module 4 Store Presentation

Module 5 Personal Presentation & Hygiene

Module 6 Behaviour & Body Language

Module 7 Working Together

Module 8 Occupational Health & Safety

Module 9 Retail Figures & Formulae

Module 10 Competitor Analysis


Performing Retail Sales & Customer Service

Module 11 Greetings

Module 12 Discovery

Module 13 Offering the Solution

Module 14 Creating Interest with Features & Benefits

Module 15 Overcoming Objections

Module 16 Closing the Sale

Module 17 Additional Selling Techniques

Module 18 Point of Sale

Module 19 Phone Calls, Emails & Internet Sales

Module 20 Complaints Handling & Store Security


Sales Principles and Fundamental Concepts of Customer Service


Performing Retail Sales & Customer Service

This package includes all the modules of both Certificate 1 & 2


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Course Outlines

In an easy-to-read format, our courses take the student through a logical progression from the basic principles of customer service.