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I have worked in retail training and management for over 18 years and Certificate 1 & 2 in Customer Service and Retail Sales definitely covers imperative content/modules to help you succeed in the industry. It provides valuable knowledge and tools to advance you forward in a retail career with confidence and is an excellent accomplishment to include on your resume. It's enjoyable, easy to read and keeps you interested as you progress through each level. Even i learnt a few tips to utilize! Highly recommended for not only those who are new to retail, but also for experienced retail assistants and managers. Companies will strongly benefit by providing their employees with the grounded retail training and knowledge Certificate 1 & 2 in Customer Service and Retail Sales shares.

Maria , People & Development Manager
Kookai Clothing
"A Retail Bible." A must have for everyone involved in a Retail environment. A fantastic tool for empowering existing staff from Managers to casual sales assistants. And a perfect introduction to those who are new to a retail environment. A must have guide for a successful retail business

Jenny, x Retail Manager/store Manger of Fashion/Cosmetics, 12 years of experience
I absolutely LOVED the course and finished it in a flash!
Loved the short modules with a follow up test to check my knowledge and understanding of what I just read.”

Carolyn, online retailer

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Online Retail Training is the best business training partner that a retailer could have !

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In an easy-to-read format, our courses take the student through a logical progression from the basic principles of customer service.